Picture of Phil Thompson"I highly recommend becoming a member of Business & Professional Exchange. BPE assisted me in learning how to develop a 30-second sales pitch that was adaptable to any situation. I learned about the importance of one’s appearance, smile, attitude, and how to take those with me into any networking opportunity. BPE helped me to sharpen skills through my involvement in committees and leadership roles, and gave me the skills and confidence I needed to obtain those important interviews and eventually a new careerPhil Thompson

Regional Transportation Manager, Con-Way Freight
Picture of Sherry Gilbert"Business & Professional Exchange provided me with the opportunity to get to know an amazing pool of professional talent. From practicing my 30 second speech in a large group, to smaller group and one-on-one meetings, the support and ideas flowed and kept me focused. The speakers were full of useful job hunting information as well as educational information on the emotional ups and downs associated with job loss. I was inspired, educated and encouraged to keep on track."Sherry Gilbert

Engineering Project Manager, Belcan for Rolls Royce
Picture of Rick McKinney"Business & Professional Exchange provided me with a place to be on Monday mornings. I was surprised to find so many caring and sharing people while attending various BPE functions. While each person was going through their own trials, everyone I interacted with showed an interest in helping me find whatever I needed. I was also impressed with the quality of the guest speakers and their willingness to extend their assistance to BPE members. I have, and will continue to recommend BPE to anyone going through career transition, or just looking to make connections."

Rick McKinney

Central Issuance Operations Manager, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Picture of Don McCreary"BPE was immensely helpful to me in multiple aspects of my job search! The information, guest speakers, handouts, and group discussion were very beneficial.  Many things I learned in BPE were directly applicable to dealing with the overall job search process, and then helping me find my next opportunity. The position I landed was with a recruiting company, and I was able to give back. I placed many people from BPE into positions and became a periodic guest speaker. I referred MANY of my candidates to BPE so they could receive the same wonderful assistance and knowledge that I had gained. I am a huge proponent of BPE as both a job seeker and a hiring manger. I wholeheartedly endorse BPE and the many benefits it provides to job seekers."

Don McCreary

Director of Engineering, Neupath LLC
Picture of Charlie Urbanowich"Business & Professional Exchange showed me how to develop and improve the skills necessary to communicate successfully with others in a variety of settings. The support provided by BPE volunteers inspired me to give back and contribute my own efforts for the organization, working with others to help improve their networking and relationship-building skills. BPE has been a worthwhile investment of my time, and I am grateful for everyone I have worked with and the positive impact they have made on my career."

Charlie Urbanowich

Sr. Acquisition Project Manager, SAIC, Inc.